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Lapeng Guest Lodge Birding Introduction


Lapeng Guest Lodge (24°47’09.7”S 30°18’31.6”E) is situated on 600 hectares of land in Limpopo Province, south of Burgersfort and south-east of Steelpoort. For SABAP 2 atlas card submissions the pentad code is 2445_3015.


The habitat comprises dry Acacia tortillis thornveld, open grassland dotted with stands of bush, riverine thicket and rocky hillsides (the latter habitats occurring on the farm on the southern side of the tar road to Steelpoort). The lodge is situated within a rather interesting region as far as bird distribution is concerned, falling in the convergence zone between birds from the arid west and birds from the wetter east. The arid western group is typified by species such as White-browed Sparrow-Weaver, Crimson-breasted Shrike, Chestnut-vented Tit-Babbler and Black-faced Waxbill. The eastern birds are represented by species such as Gorgeous Bush-Shrike and Purple-crested Turaco, while others such as African Green Pigeon and Black-collared Barbet will use water courses and the associated fig trees to penetrate into more arid habitats.


So far 95 species have been officially recorded on the Lapeng Guest Lodge property, and the list should continue to grow with time. The South African Bird Atlas project 2 has a record of just over 260 species for the pentad in which Lapeng is situated. Our property lends itself well to birding on foot, as there are no dangerous game species and a network of roads affording access, while leisurely birding in the lodge grounds is can also be productive. Please wear sturdy, closed shoes as there are plenty of thorns about, always take some water with you, and try to avoid the hottest hours of the day.


We encourage you to get out there and go birding! Speak to Werner at reception about a few route options to maximise your birding opportunities.


Birding info compiled by Leon Marais of Lawson’s Birding, Wildlife and Custom Safaris (www.lawsons-africa.co.za; www.leonmarais.com).  


Download the current bird list here: Lapeng Bird List.xlsx

Download the SABAP2 list for our area here: Lapeng SABAP2 list.xlsx